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          Our Blog

          Chocolate Is Not The Only Valentine's Day Gift

          felicia1Valentine's Day is known for the universal symbol of love...the heart. When this great holiday rolls around, symbolism comes into play in abundance to show recipients of gifts that your intention is to keep them close to you. There's usually no mistaking when someone loves another, but if there is doubt at all, try using one of these ideas to convey your message appropriately. If you are currently not in a relationship with another, you can still try these points in an attempt to win over another, so they become your permanent love interest.

          Place Treasures In A Box To Give To Someone You Care About

          You can usually find heart-shaped boxes at craft stores, and they are relatively inexpensive. They are usually available in glass, plastic, or wood mediums. Pick up some paint or craft supplies and decorate the box you select so it is personalized to your liking. You can place your initials and your partner's initials inside the heart to signify your connection. You don't have to be elaborate with the gifts you place inside your box as the heart itself will show the meaning of the gift to the person receiving it. Think small stuffed animals, costume jewelry, or other trinkets. You can even write out your own "coupons" to give to your partner giving them a free massage or free cuddle session with you in front of the television whenever she wishes. 

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          How To Ease The Holiday Tension

          ella1When the holidays role around, so does an increase in stress, tension, and/or depression. The holidays tend to make people a bit crazy, and knowing how to deal with your surrounding actions is important so you don't become overwhelmed. Here are a few things you can try to ease holiday tension this year.

          Know When To Say No

          It's tough to tell people no around the holidays. After all, this is a time of peace and joy, and people will likely reach out and want to spend time with you. Know when to say no, however. If you feel like you are becoming overwhelmed, it's time to step back and take some time for yourself. If you aren't happy, others around you will pick up on your mood and it could spill over to them as well. Don't do this to your loved ones! Instead, decline events that you really can't afford the time to attend or ask for a rain check for a time when you are less busy. 

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          The Benefits Of Body To Body Massage

          leahv3Body to body massage is a bit different from the traditional massage session you tend to get in spas. This type of massage is not offered in regular massage establishments, therefore it is necessary to hire one of our masseuses to come to you for the experience. Here are some benefits you'll be taking in if you decide to book a session with one of our beautiful women.

          Beauty That Goes Beyond Normal

          Before you have a body to body massage, you need to find a partner who is willing to give you this type of experience. If you aren't currently in a relationship with someone who can provide you with this service, you have the option of calling us to hire one of our gorgeous escorts to do the job. Each of our women is trained in massage and will use the skills she has learned to make you feel your best. Select the exact masseuse you want to give you your body to body massage via our website, and we will make sure she shows up on time to start the procedure.

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          Try Something New

          glaucia4If you partake in the same activities day after day, it is likely you will at some point become bored. People need to spice up their lives with the trying of new things, the meeting of new people, and a change of atmosphere. If you are ready for the challenge, contacting us for an exciting Nuru massage may be exactly what you need to discover something totally out of the ordinary.

          Getting Ready For Your Session

          The first step in getting a Nuru massage is to pick out your personal masseuse. This is an easy task as we provide information about each of our women right on our website. Take a look at the profiles provided, read some interesting features about each lady available, and take in the pictures to help you decide what look you enjoy most. Reach out to us to book a session with the lady of choice, and we will make sure she shows up on time according to your schedule.

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          6 Secrets to Making the Most of Your Time in Vegas

          cindi5 nmlvIf you have a Vegas trip in the works, it is likely you will want to budget your time appropriately so you can take in all the sights and sounds possible during your stay. Knowing when and where to go can help. Here are six secrets to help you spend your time wisely when in Sin City.

          Take Time To Rest

          Since there is so much to do in Las Vegas, it is easy to become exhausted if you take on too much at once. Make sure to allow time for relaxation so you can revive yourself for the next excursion. A soothing massage, trip to a spa, or dip in a pool can revitalize your body when you feel overwhelmed. Make sure you get enough rest at night as well.

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          A Massage in Your Room is Worth Two in the Spa

          gabrielle4 nmlvHave you ever gone to a spa to get a massage? The whole ordeal is rather pleasing, you'll be pampered and feel your stresses disappear as soon as someone kneads your muscles. There is, however, something big missing from this. There is no intimacy whatsoever. You are just a number needing some rubbing. No one could care about your feelings, your hopes, your dreams. You are there to get a massage, and that is it.

          Getting an in-room massage is a whole other story. You don't feel like a number just waiting for their turn at the massage table. You aren't embarrassed to speak up and talk to the person performing your massage session. In fact, your masseuse will go above and beyond in making you feel like number one the entire time you are enjoying her touches.

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          Enjoying Your Naked Massage

          aroura3How To Enjoy A Naked Massage When You Are Worried About Your Appearance

          If you want to spend time with a beautiful woman, yet you are not hooked up with a girlfriend, wife, or lover at the moment, then calling on an escort service may have crossed your mind. The ladies you have to choose from are vast and their experience in giving a man companionship when desired is second to none. During your date, your escort may indicate she is ready to spend some quality alone time whenever you are ready. This time alone often leads to some stimulating fun involving nudity. While you are sure to appreciate your escorts nude body, what happens when you join in? What if you are afraid to bare it all to her?

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          The Las Vegas Massage Experience

          She will make you feel incredible in the privacy of your own hotel room.

          When you want the experience in Las Vegas, you have to consider a tantric massage. This is when you and your massage therapist go skin to skin in order to feed a mutual appetite. It is sensual, erotic, and a must when you are in the city. It doesnt matter whether you are here for business or pleasure. Booking an Asian massage Las Vegas style will help you get rid of stress that has been building in your body.

          A Las Vegas in Room Massage

          If you want the experience, then you want an in room massage. Las Vegas spas and massage salons arent going to offer you the kind of massages that you may want. For example, when you want a tantra massage, it has to be done in-room and thats because of the intimate nature. Its going to be you and your massage therapist in a room and its going to be a very sensual time between the two of you.

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          A Sensual Massage In Las Vegas

          Some things you will want to remeber for the rest of your life, this is one.When you are in the mood for a sensual massage, Las Vegas is the best city for it to happen. You can book a Vegas in room massage within the comfort of your own hotel room on or off the Strip. This is the massage everyone loves because it provides an awakening to your soul. The skin to skin contact is going to cause your appetite to be fed and your senses to spring to life.

          A Tantric Massage Las Vegas Style

          You can book a tantra massage Las Vegas style. The advantage to this is that it can be in the NURU style, which utilizes a Japanese technique where there is a mutual awakening of the senses. It can be just as meditational for the massage therapist as it is for you. During this kind of in room massage, girls will provide you with a full body massage where they will use their full body. If you are looking for an Asian massage, Las Vegas can be the place to have it done. It doesnt matter what hotel you are staying at. With one phone call, you can book the massage that is going to change your outlook on life. This form of Japanese massage that you can book in Las Vegas may be just what you need to get rid of the stress that has been lingering throughout your body.

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          Erotic Massage, Is It For You?

          Lets play in your hotel room together and have some fun. When you are in Las Vegas, booking an in room massage can be ideal. A Las Vegas NURU massage can be erotic, which can provide you with the physical release you are looking for. If you have been stressed, and have a lot of tension in your body, a Las Vegas tantric massage may be the best way to relax and feel whole again.

          What is an Erotic Massage?

          When searching for an Asian massage Las Vegas places can define the term differently. Essentially, it is an erotic massage that allows you to relax. Bare hands are used across your skin in order to provide physical sensations. It's relaxing to feel physical touch during a Las Vegas massage, and it is sensual in nature.

          You can choose to book a Las Vegas couples massage or simply a Las Vegas in room massage where it's just you and the massage therapist. You will have the ability to remove as many articles of clothing as you are comfortable with, and it can be a more effective massage when there are less clothes hindering the art of massage. When searching for a tantra massage Las Vegas provides choices.

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